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What we are working on next...

We've come to the end of a saga! Those of you who have followed The Cannon & Durnam Textile trilogy by Dawnette Blackwood-Rhoomes, will want to know how it all ends.

Here's a sneak peak of the book synopsis for Book 3 - The Hopeful Promise:

"Papa Bear couldn’t growl loud enough at Goldilocks as Mark Durnam growled at Jessica McLennan, his long time nemesis, when he found her sleeping in his bed. The Cannon & Durnam Textile Legacy saga continues and sparks fly between the feuding Durnam’s and McLennan’s as Mark and Jessica clash over old arguments.

​To make matters worse, McLennan Mill’s financial status takes a nose dive, and Jessica finds herself engaged to Kent Holmes to save the family’s inheritance. But a promise of hope uttered over 100 years ago  hangs in the balance, hinging on Jessica’s decision to accept Mark’s help.

Can they work together and put almost thirty years of feud behind them, creating new hope for those to come?"

Stay tuned for the cover release!