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“Wait!” Elizabeth held up her hand and everyone in the room paused including Rhys, her husband-to-be, who was poised with pen in hand and about to sign their marriage contract. They looked at her, waiting expectantly. “Before you sign that contract, I want a clause added,” she announced. “What?” Rhys erupted; his eyes, light brown, darkened and narrowed into suspicious slits. “And what might that clause be?” Excerpt from The Virtuous Husband (Book 1) by Dawnette Blackwood-Rhoomes  ________________________________ Here's a thought provoking question - What if marriage to your intended hinged on a clause? What would you do?  

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We said it! Now it's here! The new cover release for The Hopeful Promise! Here's a little preview of The Hopeful Promise to whet your appetite!      With her wedding dress fluffed up around her, Jessica watched in the mirror as the woman touched up the last of her makeup. She wondered if anyone could hear her heart hammering away in her rib cage.      She rubbed her sweaty palms together, trying hard to remember not to smooth them along the white silky folds of the dress that Kent had picked out for her. She was the unwilling bride who didn’t...

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